About Valerie

Valerie Lumley is a recovered fibromyalgic who had to leave the care of the medical profession to discover the cause and a cure for chronic fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) in alternative medical care. Her protocol for a lasting cure is maintainable and real, and does not include a long list of addictive pharmaceuticals. It includes one prescription (a dual neuro-transmitter reuptake inhibitor for normalizing the hyper-sensitized central nervous system casued by FMS) and the rest is holistic, naturopathic and non-invasive. This protocol puts the power to cure this miserable disabling condition squarely in the hands of the patient.

Over the last decade, Valerie has researched and written this book to help the millions of FMS sufferers all over the world take charge of their condition and heal themselves mentally and physically.  This book provides real hope by giving true-life examples as the author courageously tells her story of how she freed herself from the cage of chronic FMS. She has succcesfully regained her health, happiness and prosperity after being bed-ridden for nearly two years and housebound for ten. Now at age 58, Valerie is maintaining her recovery and is fibromyalgia free. This book is a bold, moving, and groundbreaking step in the life of any fibromyalgic, and will surely withstand the test of time.
I can connect with other sufferers of Fibromylagia because I have experienced  what they are going through.
- Valerie Lumley, Author
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