Debilitating diseases can be  devastating, but Monterey, California-based author, Valerie Lumley, is a  recovered fibromylagic who has turned her experience with Fibromyalgia  into an inspirational tool for others who suffer from the disease.  In  her book, Curing Chronic Fibromyalgia, she recounts her journey to discover the cause and a cure.    Lumley's work is both technical and helpful, scientific research  explains the illness and its effects, while Lumley's caring attitude  aids the reader and fellow sufferer of Fibromyalgia in following her  path to good health.
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        Doctors who don't suffer from the disease know of the biological effects, but because of my experience I am able to address both the biological and emotional symptoms.
- Valerie Lumley, Author
TV Interview with Valerie Lumley on Today's Health

by George Curry, Director of the Eastcoast Division of the International Chiropractors Association